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Over 50 years of Industry experience

With offices in the LA and San Diego areas we serve the Southern California area from San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield to the Mexico border. Our sales team has more than 85 years of combined experience and has a proven track record of dedication and success for every project

Air Conditioning Specialties Co. provides consultants, owners, and contractors with the technical expertise needed to successfully integrate our equipment into your HVAC system. We know that our job has only begun when our equipment is specified. Our Personalized involvement makes Air Conditioning Specialties Co. part of the team dedicated to the successful completion of every job.




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humidity control

We can provide the humidification and dehumidification equipment necessary to control a space to your requirements. For humidification we can provide isothermal units, high pressure atomization units, or wetted media units to suit the application. For dehumidification we offer dessicant wheel systems, pool dehumidifiers, and dedicated outside air units. 

Exhaust systems

Air Conditioning Specialties Co. can provide a fully integrated exhaust system from kitchen hoods and kitchen rated exhaust fans to a regular exhaust system. We also offer CO/NO2 gas detectors to operate our exhaust fans for a parking garage or auto repair facility, as well as refrigerant detectors for chiller rooms.  


Air Distribution

We offer single/dual duct and fan powered VAV terminals. We can provide OSP certification for our single duct units and we also offer low profile single duct and fan powered terminal units.


electric heating products

We offer a wide range of electric heating products including washdown rated duct and unit heaters, hazardous location unit heaters, high pressure construction duct heaters, and BACnet ready duct heaters.

pollution control

The PCU's we offer feature either a three stage high efficiency filter section or an electrostatic precipitator section to remove smoke particulates from the air stream. We can also provide an activated charcoal filter for odor abatement as well as an exhaust fan section. Our units come fully ANSUL ready.

Make up air systems and air handling

Heated make up air units or cooling make up air units, we offer a wide variety of equipment to serve your needs. Depending on the application we can provide direct or indirect gas fired make up air units as well as evaporative cooler make up air units or make up air units with a chilled water coil or DX coil.

Radiant Heating

We offer several radiant heating products from gas fired infrared tube heaters to gas fired ceramic infrared heaters. We also offer radiant tube heaters rated for CNG facilities.