Air Conditioning Specialties Co.

About Us

Over 50 years of exerience


Air Conditioning Specialties Co. was started in 1962 by Bob Kendal in La Crescenta. The company was bought by John Morse in the mid-seventies and moved to our current location in Orange County. The company has stayed in the Morse family, Allen Morse taking over the business when John Morse retired in 1991, and Rob Morse joining the company in 1998. Since the business was started in 1962 we have been dedicated to working with engineers and contractors in order to make sure that our equipment fits seamlessly into the HVAC system design. 


Our Team

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Allen Morse

Allen Morse started working at Air Conditioning Specialties Co. in 19 working for his father John Morse. Allen took over the company when John retired in. Although retired, Allen remains involved with the business. He continues to be a mentor to the salesmen and is a valuable bank of knowledge and experience.



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